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"Black and White is boring; but when you add a little Yellow and Orange it's exploring! Join our group! Learn about different Penguins! Make friends! Become Penguin of The Week! Obey the Rules! Be Fierce!"

About Us

The Rookery is a group of Emperor and King Penguins, and their Emperor is an Erect-Crested Penguin. The Rookery's belief is that their group was made a long, long time ago and that the Emperor of the group then was an Erect-Crested Penguin called Uda, (pronounced Oo-da). Uda had lived to the age of 15 stars. And was known as the best Emperor this group ever had. Uda was a female, and she had met a male Erect-Crested Penguin and had a chick. She named this chick Linae (pronounced Line-a). Once Uda had passed away Linae became the Emperor. And now, 20 generations of Erect-Crested Penguins later, The Rookery was still together. The Emperor today is named Nessie (pronounced Ne-ss-e), and is a 20th generation of Uda. It is The Rookery's religion that Uda still lives on, and guides Nessie through her stars in health. Nessie still is in looking for her King, her mate, so she may live on the tradition of Erect-Crested Penguins. Sadly over the 20 generations, The Rookery has slowly fallen to a minimum of Emperor and King Penguins. And needs more members to continue.

The Rules

These Rules have been made for a reason. To be part of our group you must obey these Rules. If anyone has any queries or concerns about these Rules, please contact TwistedTeaTree.

Wiki Rules Roleplay Rules Clothing Rules Character Rules
No one but TwistedTeaTree may edit our wiki page. No Power Play. Colors: Black, White, Orange, Yellow. Allowed. One word names.
You must be active on AJWC or AJCW. Anatomy Allowed. Non-Members: Foxhat, Worn, Sword, Scarf, Glove. Allowed. Emperor or King Penguins.
If you have any concerns you must contact the Emperor or King First. Roleplay allowed on AnimalJam or AJWC Forum Members: Spike, Elf Armor, Leg Armor, Foxhat, Worn, Sword, Scarf, Glove. Allowed. 15 tars-Half-Star only.

Here is a translation of how old your Character is. Human Word means what it would be called in English. Human Age is how old that would be in English. Penguin Word means what it would be called in Pingu. Penguin Age is how old that would be in Pingu. Total shows how old your Character can be before you are exiled of old age. If you haven't been in incubation here, then you would have to join at 1 Half-Star of your Age. I hope this has helped!

Human Word Human Age Penguin Word Penguin Age
1 month old 1 month 1 Half-Star 6 months
2 months old 2 months 1 Star 1 year
2 years, 6 months old 2 years, 6 months 15 Stars 15 years

Homeland = Antarctica

Server = Congo

World = Mt. Shiveer

Main breeds recommended = King Penguin, Emperor Penguin. Female or Male.

Special breeds = Adele Penguin, Erect-Crested Penguin. Female or Male.

Allies = Currently None

Enemies = Currently None

Diet Edit

This says what the group is allowed to eat and what is healthy for them.

  • Dissostichus mawsoni
  • Krill
  • Mackerel Icefish
  • Baby squid

Announcements Edit

Hello, for those who don't know me, my online nickname is Tea or Twist. Or anything that is not offensive. I am the current Emperor for The Rookery, and look forward to a fantastic year of 2016! The Rookery is not the usual penguin huddle. We love to keep our enemies our enemies and our friends our friends. A friend is a friend for as long as they are nice to us. An enemy is an enemy for as long as they are mean to us. In our hearts and instincts we believe in who we are. We choose a path and follow it, whatever the road holds. We do not reject members, we give them a choice. The Riddle of Life. But we are fierce. We take war on enemy, battle on predator and hunt on fear. Your blood is our freedom. We welcome new members every second of every minute; of every hour; of every day; of every week; of every month; of every year; of all of The Rookery's life. A bird flew past me today...And I knew the time had come...

Will continue soon...

Happy Hunting!

Cya Soon, TwistedTeaTree x3



A female Erect-Crested Penguin related through generations to Uda. She is the leader of the group and is relied on to find her King to continue their tradition. The Emperor organizes Retreats, Huntings, Storage Lookouts and Meetings. The Emperor is the life of the group, she must look after the group no matter what excuse. 2 Stars and 1 Half-Star minimum age.


A male Erect-Crested Penguin who is the mate of the Emperor. He must stand by her side and help her make group decisions. The King and the Emperor must have a female Chick, who will become the future Emperor when the current Emperor is dead. 2 Stars and 1 Half-Star minimum age.


A female Erect-Crested Penguin who is the daughter of the King and Emperor. This is the role the King and Emperor's Chick will take once she is of age and when the Emperor has not yet died. She will take lessons from the King or Emperor on how to lead The Rookery, and will lead all Retreats, Huntings, and Storage Lookouts with the Elites. 1 Star minimum age.


Male or Female King Penguins/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins must help lead all Retreats, Huntings, and Storage Lookouts with the Delta. They must have great knowledge in leadership and must be very well-trained with hunting and lookouts. They pick who will train a certain Trainee and inform the King, Emperor or Delta if a certain Trainee wishes to change their future role or if a Tutor is not training their Trainee properly. 1 Star minimum age.


Male or Female Adele Penguins. These Penguins are known for their excellent knowledge in medicines. They take care of their camp-mates who are injured or ill. They take the Storage Igloo's responsibilities and make sure everyone is healthy. Their are only two Omega's allowed. They both must train a Trainee each. 1 Star minimum age.


Male or Female King Penguins/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins' role is to take care of The Rookery. They must guard the camp on shifts, and walk with anyone who is leaving camp territories. They take it in turns continuously to go hunting for the group. One Guardian will take the role of teaching a group/one trainee to become a Guardian. 1 Star minimum age.


Male or Female King Penguin/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins have the role of training their own Trainee. They are picked out from their old role specially by on Elite to train. They must have an enormously good knowledge in their old role and also must be good with younger penguins. They will maintain their old role but won't contribute in as many Huntings or Lookouts as before. Most of their time will be spent training their Trainee and helping them whenever needed. 1 Star minimum age.


Male or Female King Penguin/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins are to be constantly watched and admired as they will maintain most of the groups future. Each Trainee has their own Tutor. They will contribute with some Huntings or Lookouts, but must always be maintained with their Tutor. They must help the Elders. And always look out for the Chicks. 1 Half-Star - 1 Star.


Female King Penguin/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins must always be within distance of their Chick(s). They will not be allowed to contribute in Huntings until their Chicks are 1 Half-Star and has become a Trainee. They are allowed to contribute in Lookouts but must always have appointed someone to look after their Chick(s). Once their Chick(s) have become a Trainee they are allowed to take their old role back, but wont be allowed to be a Tutor until their Chick(s) have taken their desired role. 2 Star minimum age.


Male or Female King Penguin/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins are the life of the group. They are the future and the past. They must be respected no matter what. They must be with an older Penguin at all times. They are free to do as they wish, as long as its not out of Camp Territory or dangerous. Less then 1 Half-Star.


Male or Female King Penguin/Emperor Penguins. These Penguins are the past of the group. Once they reach 15 Stars, they will be deliberately executed peacefully or exiled. Whatever they wish. They are free to do anything they like once they are past 13 Stars. If they are 10, 12 or 13 Stars they must be watched constantly and respected. They must be obeyed and treated with respect as they are elderly. 10 Stars minimum age.


Male or Female Any Breed Penguins. These Penguins are the penguins how have betrayed, denied, offended, inappropriate, immature, excluded or rejected. They are the penguins who have entered The Rookery and have been very irrespective towards another camp-mate and have been caught by it by the Emperor. If one of our members reports to the Emperor that they have been very disrespectful, that reported member will get a simple warning and advice. If it happens again they will get a more brief warning and advice. If it happens a third time they will be threatened, given warnings and advice. By the fourth time they will be announced as Criminals. They will be given scraps of food, disrespect and will own their own Guardian for 1 Half-Star. They will not be allowed to exit the Igloo's for 1 Half-Star and are given the choice to be exiled, executed or continue being a Criminal for 1 Half-Star before they are released. If they have been caught being any of the above by the Emperor they will be sent straight to third warning. Recommended not to become a Criminal. Any age above 1 Half-Star.


Emperor 1/1

TwistedTeaTree, Nessie, 3 Stars of age.

King 0/1

Delta 0/1

Elite 0/40

Omega 0/2

Guardian 0/20

Tutor 0/10

Trainee 0/10

Mothers 0/8

Chicks 0/15

Elders 0/15

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Evolution Of Penguins

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Amazing Facts About Emperor Penguins

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