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A large Pinewood forest is in your sights, you had been running. Running, running, running, it had never ceased, you were running, not from who but from what. You were running from all your sins, your troubles, your worries. You had heard that there was a safe haven for your kind, a utopia of sorts. Normally you wouldn't believe in things such as utopias, but you were desperate, this was your last hope.

This was your last shot at a normal life, or about as normal as it could possibly be when you're a shifter. You charged straight into the forest, plunging into immediate darkness, only the faint glows of the occasional firefly. You hear the soft chirps and sharp trills of the birds in the canopies of the vast Pine trees. You spot several kinds of tree, Birch, Oak, Ash, even Elder trees! You slowed down, your tail twitching along with your ears. You sighed and shifted, setting camp in your human form building a shelter out of large branches you had found along the forest and the large leaves of the huge trees. Hearing loud, long howls from deep within this mysterious forest, where the supposed utopia was set.

All throughout the evening you had heard the various howls of the night, they seemed to be creeping closer, ever so gently stalking towards you. Maybe it was just the echo of the forest, who knows. Come the morning you woke up, your make-shift camp was ransacked, and there in the center of the rubble was a tall man, he had a scruffy goatee, and short red hair in a buzzcut fashion. He stood there in Jeans and a simple white T-shirt, and a pair of black converses. He looked at you, his deep emerald eyes held authority, and from the Aura surrounding him, you could tell he was the alpha of this area.

"Hello, I am Kain, Alpha of the Utopia, or as we call it, The Pack of the Howling Heavens, we welcome you to join our ranks, just please, follow me to our camp first, young traveler, we have assessed you and deemed you worthy." He grunted and ran into the woods, jumping over a log mid-shift not waiting for you to snap out of your daze as the silent wolves that you had just noticed were surrounding your camp along the tree line, darted after him. In the rush you ran, wasting no time to shift and steadily had caught up with Alpha Kain.

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As you walked into the camp, an array of scents hit you, and numerous auras flowed off a few of the shifters. Kain snapped in front of your face to regain your attention.

"Youngster, if you want to join the Utopia, you'll have to follow a few questions, and rules, I'll lead you around to meet the members after we have you all sorted out." He grunted and handed you a large, moth-eaten scroll with large writing on it

Wolf Name:

Human Name:


Years old: (Both Human and normal)


Wolf Description:

Human Description:

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Alpha Pair The leaders of the pack, the Alpha female, doesn't necessarily have to be female and is also, surprisingly, slightly more important than the Alpha Male, and is to be protected with the pack's life. The alpha Female helps make the final decisions and have litter which the pups are respected by all, and raised by all. When the female cannot raise pups, they can still be important as they are more respected, they usually help train the warriors and care for the pups when their mothers are sickly or gone, regardless of their gender. (mxm/mxf accepted)

Beta Pair The Beta Pair are second in command to the Alpha Pair, the Beta Pair are mated for life as all werewolves are when they find their other halves, but their marks seem to stretch from their neck to their wrists, the dominant of the pair usually has their mark along the right where as the submissive has it on their left, linking them together. The Beta pair step in to suggest decisions and calm conflicts, or to take charge when the Alpha Pair are unavailable. (mxm/fxm/mxf/fxf accepted)

Scouts The scouts are essentially patrol and battle wolves, they are normally bulky and intimidating, but they are gentle giants at heart, Scouts can be slim and lanky, built for agility and precise strikes, but it isn't recommended.

Hunters Hunters tend to be lean, agile and lack any form of muscle, appearance wise. They rely on their stealth and speed to catch and take down prey, whether in the tree lines, along open trails or even in rivers, fishing, they are always busy feeding the pack. Whether it's their human form or wolf form, they still tend to stay away from Markets if possible.

Pups Babies, Infants, Wolf pups ranging from 0 months to 6 years, once their human form in fully developed they will train as trainees as humans until around the age of 13-16, where they graduate from trainee status once they shift.

Mothers Mothers of the pups/children until they reach trainee age, they are to be cared for and constantly watched in case any illness or injuries spread through them, they are very important to the pack.

Omegas Omegas aren't essentially the lonely, lowest ranks, they are the miscellaneous ranks, such as healer and sparring partners/trainers to the trainees, they are to be treated with as much respect as a normal pack member.

Trainees Children ranging from 6 years to 16 years old who haven't shifted, training to survive and hunt without depending on Markey places or others for food.

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Alpha Male- (1/1)


Luna- (0/1)

Beta Male- (0/1)

Beta Female- (0/1)

Scouts- (0/??)

Hunters- (0/??)

Pups- (0/??)

Mothers- (0/??)

Omegas- (0/??)

Trainees- (0/??)

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"Youngster, before you can be officially accepted into the Pack, there are sacred rules and guidelines to follow, they can and possibly will be changed in the future." Alpha Kain explained, grinning at you. "I'll recite them to you, but there is a copy on the large wall in the den's main cave if you need to see it." He added and began to explain the rules.

Rule 1. Treat every rank, and shifters older than you, with respect.

Rule 2. All mothers must be watched, and helped if need be.

Rule 3. Loners and rogue wolves are welcome to the pack, but put on probation, being assigned a Scout.

Rule 4. The Alpha and Beta Pair are the only shifters with authority to exile any pack member and assign punishments.

Rule 5. Any and all traitors will be exiled on the spot, no exceptions.