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Whoops fill the midnight skies, resonating, ringing off the rocks and dry trees scattering the savannah. A cluster of brown spotted creatures race through the tall, yellow grass, chasing a pair of zebras. Within minutes, the crunching of bones and wicked cackles break the somber atmosphere. The Moonskull hyenas have made a kill.

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The Moonskull Clan is based geographically in northeastern Angola, sometimes stretching into the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Clan is known locally as the "Clã LuaCrânio" in Portuguese, and the "MoonFuvu Ukoo" in Swahili (two of the primary languages of Humans in their homeland).

Our territory is primarily jungle-based, with patches of desert in the outskirts. We hunt anything we can find in those lands, so we usually only eat small animals like rodents and monkeys. When we have the energy, we often travel to the Steppes in the east in order to hunt large game like gazelles and zebras.

It is a large group of primarily spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta), usually ranging from 30 to 80 members at any given time. Most of these members are related by blood, though loners and other species do take temporary or permanent residence sometimes. There is a number of intertwined families making up the whole clan, each having unique shades of fur and/or hereditary abilities. The two significant families are the Nyangao, who hail from the north and the Congo; and the Malhada, who are in the south and native Angolan. These families alternate their rule through the Matriarch. Angoljungol







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