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You were walking in a foggy forest, then you heard a twig snap. Out of nowhere, a black she-cat leaped at you, and pinned you down. She sank her claws into your neck as you twisted furiously, trying to free yourself. "Let me go you mouseheart! You'll regret this!" You hissed, your eyes gleaming with anger.

"Crow, don't kill the intruder." a light gray she-cat said, saving your life.

The black she-cat that was named Crow perked her ears and got off you. Then, out of the fog came more cats, and you even saw big cats! They circled you, and you had a weird feeling of something like awe. You slowly got up, stifling the shaking that seemed to go all through your body.

A few of them moved apart, and a black panther padded trough the way. His dark orange eyes burned through your pelt. "Who is this?" He asked. The black she-cat stepped forward. "Its an intruder that I found." She threw a hateful glance in your direction.

The black panther nodded thoughtfully. "It seems strong. It didnt run away like most kittypets." You gave a low hiss. "Im not a kittypet, thank you. I live in the forest." You nod over to the direction you had come from. But at that moment, you realized that the most of the animals did wear a collar- with dog and cat teeth on it. You felt the orange eyes burning on your pelt again, and you turned back to the black panther. His gaze rested on you. "Would you like to join our clan?" You were shocked by that question, and you nodded almost without realising, too much in awe to refuse. "Welcome To The Clan Of Flowing Blood. We will train you in the ways of a warrior." The black panther said, his eyes glowing in the faint light. You followed them as the black panther turned. "Wait, I didn't get your name." The large feline turned around, facing you. "I'm Akane, the leader of the clan."

General information Edit

Leader: Akane (Connectings)

Status: Active!

Breeds: Cats, Big Cats, And Canines

Tag color: Red

Time Zone: GMT+1 (sorry if its wrong x3)

Recruiting?: Always!!

Badge: Use the feather or the wing please.

Theme Song: Is being chosen.

Names: We accept Warrior names, Tribe names and Rogue names.

Orientation: We go by la Dark Side :3

What kind of roleplay?: Traditional, Most kinds of anatomy, and vocabulary.

Season?: Leaf-bare

Youtube Channel: The Clan Of Flowing Blood HQ

Guardian: The Guardian of this Clan is a black Raven.

Ranks Edit

Leader: Leads the clan, and is first in command. (1x)

Co-leader: Is second in command, leads clan when leader is off. Have close bond with leader. (1x)

Deputy: Is third in command. Leads clan when both leaders are off. Have close bond with leader. (2x)

Executioner: Kills enemies when leader says it. Have close bond with leader. (5x)

Healers: Heal the clan. They help cats when they are injured. Have close bond with leader. (4x)

Elite Warriors: Are the strongest and most loyal warriors. Have close bond with leader. (unlimited)

Warriors: Hunt and fight for the clan. Protect the clan when its in need. (unlimited)

Apprentices: Are young cats in training. (unlimited)

Queens: Are she-cats/dogs that have kits/pups or are pregnant. (unlimited)

Kits/pups: The youngest ones in the clan. (unlimited)

Allegiances Edit

Leader Edit

Akane. An black panther with dark orange eyes. (Connectings)

Co-Leader Edit

Pepper. Status further unknown, might be demoted. (horselover10111?)

Deputy Edit

Azure. Status further unknown, might be demoted. (thecatstolemybacon)

Enya. A female Alaskan Malamute Husky mix with light gray eyes. (dollgirl25154)

Executioners Edit

Healers Edit

Coalsplash. A black tom with white spots. (twiylite)

Platinum. A light gray she-cat with darker gray patterns. (Firefox729)

Flamepaw. A light gray she-cat with light blue eyes. (cookieswirl708)

Elite Warriors Edit

Cryptic. An muscular framed Leopard with Glossy eyes. *She can be quite strict* Her cubs are Falcon and Fallen (decimal)

Glitch. A Pitch Black American panther With a dark beige underbelly It has tiny light beige spots. Glitch has cloudy white orbits.(ciar)

Nereza. A female sleek long furred snow leopard with icy jade eyes. (criimson)

Warriors Edit

Nightmareflight. A female leopard with orange eyes. (jammer90603)

Fang. An female Siberian Tiger with Panther mix with dark blue eyes. (gabbyava)

Morning Of The Whispering Breezes. Brown with white at belly going upwards, has lightning like stripes on sides that're with yellow. (maeve23)

Crow. A black she-cat with creme spots and dark eyes. (xxthebrokenwarriorxx)

Finch. A dark brown tom with a lighter brown belly and light gray eyes. (madder1)

Apprentices Edit

Secretpaw. A crimson colored she-cat with dark red eyes. (funnybunnytop)

Shade. A light gray she-cat with a white belly and light gray eyes. (sparkletimes)

Spirit. A light gray she cat with black spots and bright yellow eyes. (puppykitten3445)

Fallen/Okami. Grey and Tawny/Ivory Splotches, Icy Blue eyes. (HappyBunny44533)

Kittens/Pups Edit

Zuki. A light brown she/cat with light gray eyes. (fuzzybunny2343)

Moonkit. A light brown she-cat with red eyes. (madigan30)

Hawkkit. Grey and Tan or Cream Splotches, Green eyes. (Izzy55218)

Falconkit. A dark brown tom with icy blue eyes. (ajtough12)

Willowkit. A black she-cat with dark gray spots and light gray eyes. (sillypooh2)

Rules Edit

  1. Respect your leader and deputies.
  2. No Powerplaying.
  3. Be serious.
  4. Follow the dresscode.
  5. Respect your clan mates.
  6. Absolutely no double-clanning!
  7. Don't give actual wounds while sparring.
  8. Use the correct tag color.
  9. No bullying.

Dresscode Edit

Head Edit

Fox hats, Skull Helmets, Steampunk monocles or nothing. (pardon my grammar)

Neck Edit

Spiked Collars (long and short), Leaf necklaces, Jamaaliday scarves, Pine necklaces, ribbon scarves or nothing.

Back Edit

Elf armors, spartan armors, worn blankets, pirate swords or nothing.

Legs Edit

Elf bracelets, arm cuffs, leaf armor, freedom leaf armor, or nothing.

Tail Edit

Darker colours of elf tail armor, feather tail or nothing.

Territory Edit

Server: Gila

Places: Foggy Forest (Sarepia)

Muddy Desert (Appondale)

Hot Savanna (Kimbara)

Old Jungle (Zios)

Hightop Mountains (Coral Canyons)

Sheercold Mountain (Mt Shiveer)

Alliances/Rivals Edit

Alliances Edit

Scarclan- choco1atebunnies

Thunderclan- Madjasterxyz

Stormclan- Royaltyrose





Rivals Edit

None yet.

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Desired rank:

Gender of your character:

Character appearance:

How did you find us:

How many books did you read:

How much are you on a week?:

Past clans/packs:

Roleplay example:

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Clan/Pack/Tribe Name:

Leader's name:

Deputy's name:

Reason to ally:

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Fanart Edit

If you have any fanart, post it down below!!

Beliefs Edit

Dark Forest.

The Lost Rogues.

The Guardians Of The Clans/Packs.