You sped quickly through the vast jungle. The thick, humid air was so tight that it made you struggle to breathe. Snarls of your pursuers echoed from behind. You extend your paws further, which increases your length per stride. The junglelands grew smaller and smaller as they disappeared behind you. After reaching a safe zone, you come upon a river. Upon further examination, the broad and slippery stepping stones were the only way across. You hurdle on each stone, before launching yourself on the last stone.

The reed covered area appeared menacing to you, for it was quiet. A single whisper seemed to echo. Your adrenaline increased out of cowardice and fear. Deep navy eyes met yours, as teeth were bared through the verdant bushes. For just an instant, you remember the many tales spread by the kittypets. A cat called Falconstar could tear a cat into shreds in seconds. She slowly moved from the bushes, with those cold eyes studying your every move and breath.

Your body fell down, unable to take in her strength. The unnatural force pressured against the scrawny bone of yours, knocking the breath out of you. Her menacing cold blue eyes held no mercy.

"RiverClan, keep silent!" The creature yowled with a superior and menacing voice. More cats surrounded you, trapping you. The cat hissed violently at you. You finally got a look at your attacker. She gave a snarl, "What are you doing in RiverClan's land?" You couldn't find a answer for the cryptic leader, she snarled once more, her voice like shattering ice. "I am going to ask you again, what are you doing in RiverClan's land?" One of her eyes slightly twitching with annoyance.

You accidentally snarled at the cat, "Get away." You then flinch expecting the cat to order a fatal attack on you. A smirk form on the cat's crackled lips,"Hmm.. So you're a talker and a coward running away from the fight, Just as cowards do." You felt cold fear travel up your spine as she moved a bit closer. "Either join us, or I'll tear your corpse and feed it to the birds." growled Falconstar with a slightly crazed chuckle at the end, showing she'd take great enjoyment in doing so. You nodded in cold fear, wanting to join if it meant not feeling those fang tear into you. "Follow us then, kid." Her tail kinked over it's back

" Psst, Falconstar could boss a cat to death too." whispered a blue-gray shecat.


Founded: Venomstar

Founded: 6/11/16

Active: Yes

   Recruiting: Yes

  Species: Domestic cat and Demestic Cat Hybrids

Camp: roseyanimal's den

  Realm: Strictly Dark

 Tag: Dark Blue

 Leader's badge: Star

 Deputy's badge: Any

 Medicine cat's Badge: Clover