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"This World Is Like A River Of Rushing Waves - Fast, Forceful and Cold... Just Like Life Also."

Ashsplash face image by thedifferentartist-d9z30nt (2)
Ashsplash by thedifferentartist-d9yi4vm

Most people are normal, these normal people are crazy but don't know they are crazy, because they think their normal - However I know that I am crazy and not normal, therefore I am not crazy and am normal... Now isn't THAT crazy and just not normal?

Old: Riverclan, Shadowclan (Stonestar), Roseclan, Lightclan.
Current: Freeclan:
Current Rank: Leader

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Last Rank: Warrior
Mother: Cheshire
Father(s): Karma
Siblings: Pase, Honeywolf
Mate(s): None
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Meltlapse
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 23 In moons...
Status (Living/Dead): Alive, Active
Roleplayer: Felidae.

My Breed of Feline is 76% Ragdoll and 24% Serval.




Azzspaz, A- Sed, AS, Ash, Ashy, Ashy Starry, Asher, Splashash, Starstar.



IN-GAME USERNAME (FeralHeart) Edit





Ashsplash (Clan name) Cepha (Name given at birth) Cashy (Kittypet name). She chose to call herself Ashsplash when learning about Clan culture with Riverclan because she considers her traits to represent the two words....

Ash: I am dark, eerie, fallen, soulless, unclean and breezy - Just like Ash lightly and silently drifts from the sky's embers, its rusty surface and stillness.

Splash: I am all over the place, colorful, bright, fuzzy, sudden and crazy - Just like paint would splash out on the floor.

  1. Cepha
  2. Cashy
  3. Ashkit
  4. Ashpaw
  5. Ashsplash
  6. Ashstar - Well, that didn't take long... T,T


Australian Eastern Standard Timezone (AEST)


Female (She-cat), however boyish I am XD. I just seem to love rollin in de mud.



D.O.B Edit Edit

Born during Leaf-bear on the fourteenth moon during that season.



BELEIF(s) Edit

Ashsplash doesn't believe in Starclan, nor really in The Dark forest. But either way, if one or both are real, she probably wouldn't exactly care.




Active and Alive.


76% Ragdoll

24% Serval

24% Savannah Cat

9% Bengal

11% Coby Cat

34% Somali


Kingdom:Five groups that classify all living things... Animalia
Phylum:A Group Of Animals Within The Animal Kingdom... Chordata
Class:A Group of Animals Within a Pylum... Mammalia
Order:A Group of Animals Within a Class... Carnivora
Family:A Group of Animals Within an Order... Felidae
Genus:A Group of Animals Within a Family... Felis
Domestic - Scientific Name:Comprised Of the Genus Followed by The Species... Felis Domesticus
Wild/Feral - Scientific Name:Comprised Of the Genus Followed by The Species... Felis Catus
Type:The Animal Group that The Species Belongs to... Mammal
Diet:What Kind of Foods the Animal eats... Omnivore
Size:How Long (L) or Tall (H) The Animal is... 35cm (14in)
Weight:The Measurement Of how Heavy the Animal is... 4.5kg (10lbs)
Top Speed:The Fastest Recorded Speed of The Animal... 48km/h (30mph)
Life Span:How Long the Animal Lives for... 15 years
Lifestyle:Whether the Animal is Solitary or Sociable... Solitary




Ashsplash mostly has no weaknesses, however due to the manner of when she was stolen away from both her blood parents, being stuffed in a small crate and all, and also kept locked away in a cage for countless months-years maybe - she has Claustrophobia.

Ashsplash is missing one ear, one eye, and has no nerves in her front left paw from the elbow down. This is an extreme weakness for her, she is half deaf, and basically blind in one eye so she finds somethings difficult at times. She's grown a trend when looking at things, she turns her head to the right so her only eye can see better at what she is focusing on, and also ends up twisting her only ear in an awkward and questionable position to strain to ear things better. With her nerveless limb, she tends to get a lot of stares, when she follows their gaze, Ashsplash realizes their wondering why the hell she has her front left paw twisted, and in a very uncomfortable looking position, well how the heck was she supposed to know she looked all odd and all? She can't feel it, the leg has no nerves, kinda like we had no nerves on our umbilical cord when born! (Disturbing example? Get over it, you.) T,T Dang weirdo's.

Ashsplash is very self harmful, she tends to enjoy leaving scares on herself all the time, scratching herself, biting her nerveless leg to see if it would ever do anything in response, jabbing her missing eye socket with a sharp claw, usually causing it to bleed, or shredding her cut and bruised ear when bored with her claws. This causes her to be injured a lot. She hardly ever eats also, normally she tends to starve herself, not in a type of depressive way, but in a careless way. Other cats would have to bring her food in order for her to not die (T3T Silly meh) because she would neglect her hunger. She also never really takes a visit to the medicine cats, not for anything (Lazy meh C8).

Ashsplash also literally doesn't care if she gets; In trouble, Harmed, Killed, Captured, Mocked, Ashamed, Beat. This causes her to not take the most dire situations at all serious. Example; Someones about to plunge their fangs into her throat. She'd be like, "Mehh, whatevs..." Then start grinning creepily and giggling in a not normal manner.


Being a Kittypet in the past has caused a lot of cats to look down upon her and scoff and frown in disgust. However, Ashsplash came from Africa (XP derp SURPRISE!) she is what you could actually consider a new breed of Felidae altogether, being a mixture of the big cat breed called Serval's and combined with the Placid and timid natured Hybrid, Raggdol's. Ashsplash is wildborn, naturally abound to the bush, and she has more wild feline blood within her than any other domesticated cat breed.

Ashsplash may be a cat, but she has no problem what so ever in getting wet, drenched or even covered in any liquid. She has a really random habit of rolling around in thick, gooey mud whenever she spies some laying about. This may not be a weakness, in fact it would defiantly prove most useful in a lot of situations, but I guess it does have its downfalls.

Just because she's a cat - doesn't mean Ashsplash is afraid of canines what so ever, in fact, she'd probably try to eat one.. -_-

Because of what she endured in her past, being taken from her family in Africa and experimented on; Ashsplash is quiet the fearless type and not-caring-if-she-causes-harm-to-another type of cat, she never hesitates to take the killing blow, doesn't matter what it is- Prey, fellow clan mate.... Kit. This in return gives her the upper hand when it comes to getting something messy done, or anything for that matter. But it also causes her to not actually love, like at all, and she actually doesn't care, she has no physical ability to feel compassion, kindess or care towards anything, because its all a play and lie if she seems to show any kindness.

She is quiet the smooth talker, and a cunning she-cat. She is very resourceful, a full on intellect and extremely agile, fast and swift. She can also jump really high for a cat.

LIKES Edit Edit

Ashsplash enjoys the taste of blood, she is completely captivated by the smell and texture, however she doesn't really like the flesh or anything else at all, this is another reason why she is so skinny.


She loves to be cold almost every second of her life, when ever she feels herself being heated in anyway, she'l find someway to cool herself down immediately.


The Moon and Stars. She has this habit of wondering out at night to sleep high up in the leaves of a tree than in her thistle covered bed area.

When going hunting, Ashsplash would kill her prey, then basically give it a torture lesson and usually turn it to nothing over ripping it out of boredom or blissful excitement.



The Heat

Ashsplash really loaths twolegs because of what they did to her, when seeing one, she normally jumps on them and scratches and claws them all over roughly.

Hot Temperatures

She hates fish, the smell, taste, she'l probably vomit all over your face. (Kinda rhymes XD)

Heated Environments

The Sun


Leaf-bare (Winter)


Black, White, Dark Crimson Red, and Silver.





THEMESONG(s) Edit Edit

Nightcore - I'm Insane. (Female Version)

Nightcore - Just A little girl. (Female version)

Nightcore - My Demons. (Female version)

Nightcore - I'm gonna show you crazy. (Be aware it contains a majority of exposure with course and crude language)

Nightcore - This little girl. (Be warned it may contain some words that will emotionally or mentally frighten certain people)


Hydrophilia - Love/Obsession with Water

Hygrophilia - LoveObsession with living next to or spending time around water

Lygophilia - Love/Obsession with darkness

Nemophilia - Love/Obsesssion of the woods/forests

Ombrophilia - Love/Obsession of large amounts of rainfall

Psychrophilia - Love/Obsession with cold temperatures

Rheophilia - Love/Obsession with living or spending time in running water

Sarcophilia - Love/Obsession of Flesh and Blood

Agateophilia - Love/Obsession of insanity

Aichmophilia - LoveObsession of sharp or pointed objects

Algophilia - Love/Obsession with pain

Carnophilia - Love/Obsession with Meat

Cheimatophilia - Love/Obsession with the cold or cold things

Cryophilia - Love/Obsession with extreme cold, ice or frost

Eleutherophilia - Love/Obsession with Freedom (Due... T,T)

Dorophilia - Love/Obsession with fur animal skins









TRAITS Edit Edit


Blood Lustful

Warm Blooded




Psychologically Ill


Chatter-Box, Psychotic, Crazy, Insane, Corrupted, Absentminded, Self centered, Laugh-A-Lot, Slick, Smooth, Warm, Deceitful, Loyal, Power-hungry, Random, Blonde, Eccentric, Subtle, Zanny, Swift, Fast, Agile, Submissive, Fawning, Colorful, Airy, Aloof, Odd, Strong, Hard to anger deceive hurt sadden, mostly emotionless, Hyper, Energetic, Sadistic, Idealist, Knowledgeable, Cunning, Character reader, Unnoticeably Skeptical, Crafty, Creative, Quick thinker, Humorous, Luscious, Intellectual, Self-harming, Self neglect, Finds delight in others physical and emotional pain, Bloodthirsty, Cannibalistic, Cold, Forgetful, Lazy.


Hunting: 9/10

Agility: 10/10

Fighting: 5/10

Stamina: 10/10

Speed: 10/10

Mental strength: 10/10

Physical strength: 2/10

Emotional Strength: 8/10

Social skills: 7/10

Tracking skills: 10/10

Intelligence: 10/10

Stealth: 10/10

Accuracy: 10/10

Insanity: 10/10

Motherly: 10/10

Parenting Skills: 9/10

Creative Level: 10/10

Realism Level: 7/10

Psychology Level: 10/10

Reflexes: 10/10

Warrior Experience: 6/10

Focus: 10/10

Cunning: 10/10

Leadership: 7/10

Defense: 6/10

Swimming: 10/10

Climbing: 10/10

Running: 10/10

Persuasion: 10/10

Offense: 9/10

Wisdom: 10/10

Jumping: 10/10

Biting Force: 8/10

Dexterity: 10/10

Physical Health: 1/10

Mental Health: 0/10

Confidence: 9/10

Silence: 10/10

Frenzy Capability: 10/10

Slyness: 10/10

Flirting Level: 9/10

Energy: 9/10


I know there's a picture, but here are the basics (Well, their kinda basic O3O);  

[2]Dark ash-grey coat with a silver tinge to her fur. Sketchy moldy grey stripes stretching down from her spine to her belly, front palms, back neck and hind legs knee spots. White line running from the back of her neck and top head down to her tail tip.  

Snow tipped front left paw. Back right hind leg has a rusty almost brown-orange colored paw from the ankle down. Each ear posses's a diamond shaped white patch of fur that dips over and ever so slightly enters near her inner ear.  

Black as night underbelly, of which runs up her high fluffy chest and halts at her jaw and tail bone. Both front paws have a light brown tinged fur starting from her inner elbows and to her paw tips. Her back legs have the same light brown tinge from the heel down.  

Dark pink nose. White whiskers that sometimes appear to be gold. Two crimson red eyes with dark obsidian sharp, cross shaped slited orbs. Silky soft chest fur that hangs low from her belly then floats up to her thighs. Slender, thin build, with an unaturally thin stomach, allowing for others to see her rib cage usually. Sleek shaped head and muzzle. Thin, high poky ears with white fluff sticking out. Two dark brown lines ring her tail, only one can be seen atop her tail, and both beneath. Has a long, wavy silky tail, the peek of it was dyed a thick shade of perfect Gold by a Twoleged when she was a kit.  

Black fur covers her outer cheek bones, and inside each ear. Thick black fur marks above each eye, giving her a placid expression. Bark brown waves along her inner cheeks, upper lips, and a more light bark brown melts down her muzzle.  

Her right eye is missing, had been gouged and cut clean out by an ill-minded twoleged. Both ears are ripped and sliced, her right ear shredded right off causing her to be deaf in that ear. Front left paw has lost all its nerves due to twoleged experimentation, and therefore is completely limp, Ashsplash normally drags it nimbly on the ground when walking, she can only feel the muscles from her elbow upwards. Her claws are surprisingly black as night, all are extremely sharp and large. Her front left claws can be always seen because Ashsplash is unable to sheathe them, she normally gets the sharp talons caught on things. Her front left paw is completely resistant to pain from the elbow to the claw tips. Ashsplash always seems to have heavy, dark eye bags under each eye, and normally is incredibly tired (not from lack of rest, its just a trait she's grown)  

Ashsplash has a lean, sleek built body shape. Although she has Serval blood in her veins, she is quite small, most times she is mistaken for an apprentice. She has a white poky, scruffy large area of fur around her neck, making her look as if she's wearing some form of fuzzy neck piece. Has incredibly razor sharp, blood stained rows of fangs.  

Her left ear has a golden thick looped ear piercing, the family of twoleged's she was apart of in the past had a daughter, the daughter got a pin and ripped a hole in her ear, then got a pure, real golden earing and clipped it on, it was the reason Ashsplash decided to run away from them, however Ashsplash is unable to remove it. Her right ear is burnt. 


A dark ash grey colored pelt, with a silver tinge to the she cats fur. Her upper and main flank is a snowy white, it is extremely fluffy. A thick white line of fur runs from the back of her neck, down her spine and ends at her tailbone. Her face is a thick brown, with her inner ears being black. Her front left paw is limb and nerveless, it is tipped white. Her back right hind leg has a rusty/orange tinted fur color - while her other two legs have normal brown fur. Black fluffy underbelly that covers her lower chin, and ends at her thighs. Her long and unusual bushy tail is dabbed at the very tip with golden colored fur while the rest of the tail is snow white. Along her entire flank is lighter moldy colored stripes. Her eyes are a very unusual blood red-tinted color with cross shaped pupils. She has a dark pink nose, white whiskers that appear gold sometimes in the dark. The she cat has very long and large black claws, as well as sharp rows of blood stained fangs. Her right eye is missing. The she cats right ear is torn clean off, while her left ear adorns a golden loop piercing. A gory burn scythes the right side of her face. Her tail tip is dyed gold.


Golden looped earing on her left ear.




Ashsplash was just a small kit when Twoleg's came and abducted her from both her parents, stuffed her in a large dark wooden crate, and smuggled her across the ocean on a ship. She was sold due to her valuability as being a hybrid Ragdoll X Serval cat breed.

Not long after, Ashsplash was adopted by an average family of three twoleg's, she enjoyed her stay with them, however the two twoleged parents had one daughter of which would violently hurt her, so she ran away. After wondering mindlessly through a forest she found, Ashsplash came across what they called a clan, they claimed to be the Riverclan, so she joined up with them. Though that didn't last long, mostly because she loathed fish, made her cough and gag.

So then she made her way to a twoleg park were she met a kittypet named Raggy, he wore a tight collar around his scrawny neck. The brown fur on his body looked more like icky dirt than anything. Ashsplash explained her situation to him and her story, which resulted in the tom to suddenly vow to help her find her place in this world, whatever that meant. He said that their was a really kind twoleg'd near by, some sort of, "Medikittypet" is the best way to describe it. So Ashsplash followed Raggy to this Twoleg, were she came across a giant open spaced area with large buildings. Raggy urged her to continue into the eerie looking place, were she obeyed. Only to find that the lights around her go out instantly. Next thing she woke up in a small metallic cage, straw and dirt lay beneath her paws. She looked up only to eye a back stabbing Raggy, sitting low on a high twoleg bench, grinning widely towards her foolishness.

Then for the next who knows how long, Ashsplash became an experiment for the twoleg, she had already lost the nerves from her front left leg completely, and is missing her right eye, her right ear had been shredded clean off, while the other has deep slices and cuts, the Twoleg also dyed the tip of her tail Gold.

One night, while the twoleg'd was scribbling on a white sheet of paper, a storm brewed silently outside, then without warning hit hard. Lightning shattering the clear dark sky, and thunder rippling the clouds. The twoleg started yelling out, before dashing out the front door with Raggy at his side.

Ashsplash was left behind, alone, forgotten and abandoned once more. All this time, locked away from the world and kept tight in this twoleged building had started to change her, made her cold, and not normal at all. She started waking up every morning with a grazed grin spread upon her face, started being all psycho about the most random of things, and would laugh creepily out loud about the corrupt things swirling about in her insidious mind.

But there and then she decided no more - no more experiments. Although she seemed to have lost her sanity long ago, her mind was still as sharp as ever. Ashsplash rammed up against the cages side, tipping it off the edge of the table and causing it to crash on the floor. Without hesitation she scrambled out its crooked and half open door, outside, and far, far from any twolegs.


RiverClan wasn't actually a Clan I was in, I just felt it coolsiez to add it to my backstory. Shadowclan (StoneStar) Is a past Clan I was apart of however. Roseclan was another Ashsplash was apart of, which I completely forgot to mention along with Lightclan.



NOTES ):O Edit Edit

Yes I know I was a kittypet in the past - but i'm pretty sure even though I've never had kits before that i'm not desexed.... >.< Just clearing that up because some people where getting things in their head about me not being able to reproduce. T,T (AKA, She's never been to the Cutters)

RANK Edit Edit



MATE: Looking for one...







MENTOR'S Edit Edit

Meltlapse (OC)


Raggy, The Hounds Of Savage Blood, The Minatory


Light Clan, TheLittleWarrior, Goretorden, Sierralewolf, Freeclan, SaltmoonJZ123, Chillystar, Kracked



Biological Mother

Cheshire - She was a Ragdoll X Serval full. The last time she saw her mother was when a kit back at her home country before being taken away. Supposedly the She-cat is alive. 

Biological Father

Karma - He was some random moggy XD. The last time she saw her father was when a kit back at her home country before being taken away. Supposedly the Tom is still alive. 

Adoptive Mother


Adoptive Father


Mother In-Law


Father In-Law


Step Mother


Step Father



Full Brother(s)

Pase (Older) - He was killed by dogs back at Ashsplash's homeland.

Full Sister(s)


Half Brother(s)


Half Sister(s)

Honeywolf (Younger) - She is alive and well.

Brother(s) In-Law


Sister(s) In-Law


Step Brother(s)


Step Sister(s)


Adoptive Brother(s)


Adoptive Sister(s)








Echosky (Female Younger) - She is alive and well.

OTHERS Edit Edit

Meltlapse - Ashsplash's first mentor when going from a kit to an apprentice back in her very first Clan, Riverclan.

Raggy - He was a tom cat that tricked her. He is the main cause of why Ashsplash acts how she acts.

QUOTES Edit Edit

Life is a piece of donuts - Sweet and sour - just the way I hate it.
Most people are normal, these normal people are crazy but don't know they are crazy, because they think their normal - However I know that I am crazy and not normal, therefore I am not crazy and am normal.... Now isn't THAT crazy and just not normal?
Sanity is like the vessel of your insanity, it holds it in tight - but when pressured from the outside, that Sanity vessel will shatter and release the once imprisoned Insanity from deep within.
All souls have the will to love, but then their are the off set souls who do not - the ones that, "Accidentally" leave that fatal fact out, these are the empty souls, the unreachable ones.
The frozen heart of a person who was once loved, but now has forgotten how to love back - however they are searching for what might cause that thick layer of ice that covers their heart to suddenly melt, so they can experience the beauty of life once more.
The most smallest missunderstood or threatening whisper can cause the most sensitive mind to collapse and crumble into a screaming river of tear drops. However, when seeing through your blinded eyes, you can wipe away those water droplets... Make the river go away. You can cause their hurt mind to pulse bright and warm, then your heart will feel complete and full - a feeling of comfort will consume you, because you know you were able to grasp hands with them. You'l become a true blue friend, and not a fair wether friend. -- Ashstar
Being Realistic doesn't mean your no longer Creative, it just means you were intelligent enough to figure out how to be both rather than one. - Ashstar pointing into the hearts of Creativity and Realism