Your paws stamp along the stony path in the awkward, abandoned park. Then, you go through a secret entrance scattered with prickly thorns and brambles. Some get in you fur as you walked on the path of the limestone cave. Then, an amber cat trots up to greet you. She lifted up her chin. "Hello, newcomer. I am Primestar, leader of ManchineelClan. We are the poison that runs through the forest, helping the neutral and the good but guarding off the evil and genocidal." You walked by the tall leader, and you inhaled the crisp air that filled the camp outside. You could see the kits playing in the nursery, apprentices play-fighting in the snow, and their mentors playfully trying to get them back to the dens. Primestar took her eyes back on you. "You may join, or leave to where your desired place is. It is your choice."

About usEdit

We are the poison that runs through the forest. We are the neutral that takes neither the genocide or the mercy. We kill in defense, and spare when it's appropriate. Our power is shared within the noble tree of our Clan. We are loyal to the warrior code and break it when we have to. We will always get the same happy ending until our death.


  • Leader- The alpha tree of our Clan. Gives orders and organizes meetings.
  • Deputy- The beta tree of the Clan. Organizes hunting parties and border patrols.
  • Warriors- The working tree of the Clan. Hunt and go on patrols and sometimes mentor their apprentices.
  • Medicine Cat- The healer tree of the Clan. Heals others with herbs and sometimes their poison.
  • Apprentices- The learning tree of the Clan. Follows all the orders their mentors ask them to. They also clean out the elders' bedding and hunt for their Clan.
  • Kits- The saplings of our Clan. Are expected to be in the nursery at all times until 5 moons old.
  • Elders- The past tree of our Clan. Are expected to be treated with respect at all times.
  • Queens- The mother tree of our Clan. They are expecting or nursing kits.







Desired Rank:

Roleplay Example:


  • No double-clanning.
  • Absolutely no powerplaying
  • Absolutely no anatomy/vocabulary/latin/etc. roleplay
  • Follow the warrior code unless you have to break it
  • Please do not harass others.


Our tags are green because of the fruit of the manchineel tree is that color. All symbols are a leaf. You are required to have this tag unless you are a non-member.