"Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty."
- Freeclan's Motto By Albert Einstein
Orikan by thedifferentartist-da04b5t
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And answers all the questions so then you can Join Freeclan!

For My Kitten Lupus 15/03/16 - 28/04/16 Rest In Peace My Little Boy, I Love You... <3

===== "When you have seen through our eyes and thought within that sad, sad mind - you will be surprised when we shatter that soul with force and red gold, and then you will be silent and still as we walk away scathing this world and the next with blood red texture and dark golden depth, you see we are not like those other fur covered rats and flea infested pests - we are a slithering serpent with an evil gaze, lithe mind and a slender blood trickling smirk of royal silver and sharp perks at best - we are at a constant state of conversing within the shadows, whispering behind you were your blind spot sits and stubbornly babbles, our eyes drip a slow yet steady beat of crimson silver, pupil now slitted and iris now cracked with bloody veins like a river or creek of a chilvers wooly pillar, ivory evil dwells heavy within our own pacts behind some of the most ignorant backs, we do not vast at the victory but instead merry when we frenzy into a rampage of laughter and insidious black screams of horror in blissful envy – because just what we put you through is what we endured a long time ago with an even more eerie scene and dark loreful story in lown, so that is our reason – it is what shattered our minds and slaughtered our hearts while watching a gruesome day at work in the parks on a Saturday afternoon while the moon sang its tune in our hearts and held hands with our withered spirits to guide us through the dark..." ===== - Ashstar

About Freeclan! :DEdit

Freeclan consist's of many - we are a clan of many species... great and small. We are unique - a family, we are united... we are free. We are FreeClan.

"The story of the beginning of the warrior Clans has been passed down by cats of all Clans, from elder to warrior, from warrior to apprentice, from queen to kit. The story is never the same twice, and parts grow uncertain, or they become suddenly clear in the telling. There are some cats who walk dimly, their names and deeds lost in the sweet fog of the elders' den, for the warrior Clans have roamed the forest for moons beyond counting..." - Erin Hunter


Mist and fog clouded around you, dancing in swirls as fairly visible particles swam through the cold air in loops and circles... Breathing in the eerie scent of your surroundings - weird smells that felt cold, dry and worst of all empty ran up through your nostrils, suddenly you gaged, placing a disgusted and horrid expression upon your once cautious and brute face. That warm, pulsing sunlight that slept upon your pelt a few minutes ago had been snatched away - the thick, dark canopy above shielded the giant rays. Your fur bristled as a strong chilly breeze swept up from behind you, fluttering your tail and fur in all directions forward, you narrowed your eyes as the wind toned down, now well aware of the abnormal aura that hung around, the smell of blood.

Standing there, between a perfect and yet natural line of lushes green grass that separated into a moldy ash, dirt covered earthy ground of which stretched on wards deep, deep into the darkness of what seemed to be an enclosed bush like area, the middle was covered in shriveled dirt and earth, prints of so many different animal species could be clearly seen carved into the ground from trampling and walking amungst this path more than once.

You exhaled deeply, yet slowly with a huge amount of surprising calmness. Peering down at the split line within the ground, you were swallowed up in deep consuming thought, allowing your mind to overwhelm your worries, and of course instincts. That delicious, frenzied odor once again came up and embraced your snout with a temptation to go search for it like no other.

"Blood..." You barely managed to murmur out the last letter. Coming cross eyed, you could make out a small cloud of chilly air from your breath evaporating up into the cold, lush air of the night.

The fur spiked up on your back as the mist around you became overwhelmingly cold. Clenching your jagged teeth together, you whined slightly before shaking your head roughly, then you took a heavy, slow step forward, glancing once down at the line before you crossed over it and onto the other side.

You spun your head around to look back, once - to remind yourself what you were leaving behind. Facing ahead, you began the short yet icy journey through the thick and dangerous brush.


It'd only been a few minutes later and you had ended up no were - at this rate you had made it to the point of just mindlessly staggering through the endless darkness and stillness of the bush around you like some zombie-fied creep... It felt like you were making your way through some kind of maze. The plants and thick fog was so cramped up together it was starting to get a little hard to breath as well.

You closed your eyes softly before Lifting your snout up high within the fogyish air, you sniffed a few times before opening your eyes and gazing heavily around at the trees


Clan Code & PunishmentsEdit

(Cannot Edit)

We follow our own code - members who disobey will be punished.

  1. No double-clanning please. (Because this is to do with reality, you wont be in sever trouble, however we will need to take action.)
  1. Be respectful to higher ranks, and to everyone around you.
  1. No magic junk, powers.
  1. No anatomy or advanced vocabulary.
  1. Don't battle or wage war unless it can't be helped or the Leader has told you to.
  1. Defend your clan, and stand together with them, united as one.
  1. Please at least try to be active...
  1. Species that are physically stronger than others aka dog with cat - are provided to behave appropriately. Basically, I don't want to see a wolf stuffing a ferret in their mouth please T,T
  1. No Hunting what other animals are... (Yeah, I don't want to catch a fox coming back from a hunt with a dead wild raccoon in their mouth)
  1. THEIR IS TO BE NO RACISM/SEXISM/SWEARING/CRUD BEHAVIOR/MATING! Understand me? Also, I am a Christian (A Seventh-Day Adventist to be exact), so I would appreciate it if you did not name your OC Satan, Lucifer, Jesus.

Angel and the names of them are fine.

Punishments ):DEdit

(Cannot Edit)

Note: Look, we all have lives, and we all make mistakes - my point is if you ever end up leaving the clan to join another... I'm not gonna say, "Yeah, well you can never come back just so you know..."

(from least harsh to harshest)

Least- Forced to do the chicken dance in front of the whole clan. (Roleplay style CB)

Warning- Leader gives you a scar on a certain spot on your body, the scar will stay and be named your, "Warscar Minus" This also explains to your fellow clan

members you are now a "Cutis". A member of which has become an omega until given the opportunity to be redeemed.

Average- Cleaning each and every single den for the rest of the day.

Standard- Held down, then mouth opened as Leader forces a live spider down your throat.

Harsh- Tied to the "Dirt tree" while the skunks line up and envelop you in their.... STUFF. ' ,:I

Cruel- Pinned by at least three bears as the Leader rips a hole in one of your pawpads with a burning stick.

Sever- Beaten alive, then eaten by the clan. CB Hehe

Extreme- Thrown in the "River of Sharp" from a high ledge, may I add this river is completely filled with crocodiles.

Worst- Tied to the "Cutthroat" A tree of which is stained in blood, scars and ash - the culprit will be left in bounds on the tree until death.

Don't want to be punished? Well then, I suppose you better behave yourself, huh?


NAME Freeclan
FOUNDING DATE 18/04/2016
BADGE'S Eagle Head.
TAG COLOUR Red or Blue.
ROLEPLAY STYLE Traditional however advanced but NO Anatomy/advanced Vocabulary weirdness...
Special Skill: We are the most United Clan. We are a Family, not a group of savage beast attempting to boost their egos. We are the most Free - Because we resemble Freedom... We ARE Free - a Free clan... and we are unique with who we are. We are strong together, fast, great swimmers, climbers... We are a Clan with many Talents because of our members, which makes us a brave and amity Clan. Yes we are a Family - a Family that will NEVER break. Because we don't give up at nothing - we forgive, we hold something within our souls and hearts that others do not - we hold a pulsing bright warmth of wisdom and acceptance - we hold the ability to be who we are and should be.

We do not follow feelings - we follow what is wise.

So therefore I will claim Freeclans Special Skill(s) as the following;

Most United

Most Free

Most Amity

Most Family

TERRITORY Danube is our In game (Animaljam) Territory.

Auira is our Role-play (Writing) Territory. Freeclan's Role-play Page (In a land we call our home and name it Auira): ☀

SPECIES (Any foreign aka arctic or desert, Albino or Melanistic is welcomed with open arms) Fox, Wolf, Dog, Cat, Leopard, Lion, Cheetah, Jaguar, Serval, Tiger, Hyena, Aaardwolf, Tasmanian Devil, Cape Hunting Dog, Dingo, Bear, African Civet, Mongoose, Skunk, Wolverine, Badger, Raccoon, Weasel, Caracal, Maned wolf, Jackal, Cougar, Panther, Mink, Marten, Ferret, Coyote, Lynx, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Puma, Panda, Stripped Hyena, Spotted Hyena, Dire Wolf and Other Extinct Wolves, Chupacabra, Brown Hyena, Tasmanian Tiger, Ocelot, Coati.

(Inform me within the comments section if you would like to see others...)



Alliances Edit

TundraClan - Led by Goldstar (MULTI ANIMALS)

LightClan - Led by I dunno (????) (Cats only)

The Tribe Of Stolen Hopes - Led by Echo that Calls Back/Laika (Sierralewolf)

OasisClan- Led by Chirpstar (july315)

The Pack Of Harmonious Howls - Led by Blossom (Onlydogknows)

Enemies Edit

None.. T,T (I personally would title The Hounds of Savage Blood as enemies...)

Form For Alliances & Enemy'sEdit

(Cannot Edit)

Leader username:

Leader name:

Beta/Deputy/Co/Gamma/Delta, Name:

Beta/Deputy/Co/Gamma/Delta, Username:

Pack/Clan/Tribe Name: (Link please)

What species does your group accept?

Light or dark, The Dark Forest/Starclan or any other beliefs?

Do you follow the books, code and Warrior clan ways?

Nontraditional or Traditional?

Do you use Anatomy/Latin aka Scientific language only Vets and Doctors use?

How you found us:

Why we should ally:

Anything else:

Is this Alliance/Enemy assortment going to last as long as we can make it, or is it temporary?

How serious does your pack/clan/tribe take Role-playing?

What are your punishments and Rules? (Only for alliance's)


How many members do you currently have?

Pick one;

A) Unicorn (Representing you are dramatic/aloof and like to fart a lot)

B) Barbie Doll (Representing you goof off and play with toys)

C) Lettuce (Representing your Power Hungry and Stubborn)

D) Car (Representing you are strong yet smelly)

PS: I'll decline any alliance request or enemy ones if you do not pick... and only the Leader can request, it will be ignored if anyone else does.

Quotes (Editing) Edit

Danube and the World of Auira's Land's/Territories (Editing) Edit

Legend (Key) Edit

Twoleg Nest or Building: Jam Mart Clothing (Shopping Mall - Clothes), Hot Cocoa Hut (Refreshments Shop), Flag Shop(Material Shop), Conservation Museum (Museum), Medical Center (Hospital), Jam Mart Furniture (Shopping Mall - Furniture), Sol Arcade (Game Arcade), The Diamond Shop (>o< Dunno), Tierney's Aquarium (Underwater Sea Creatures Aquarium), Captain Melville's Juice Hut (Refreshment Shop), Art Studio (Art Workshop), Den Shop (Housing C omission), Theater Lobby,Brady's Theater, Appondale's Theater, Teirney's Theater, Sarepia Theater (Movie Theater/Cinema)

Air's Stone: Located In Coral Canyons upon the bridge. (High rock)

Regular Water Holes: The small amount of water scattered across Danube/Auira (Jamaa).

Training Grounds: The Center of Jamaa Township (Central City). Adventure Base Camp (Training Base Camp).

The Family Tree: In a large Tree of which is the Outside Nursery (Tree House) In Appondale.

Outside Nursery: Claws N' Paws (Pet Shop) Located in Appondale.

Ceremonial Grounds: Lost Temple of Zios (Ancient Cultural Temple(s))

Holi Pond: Holy/Religious Pond Area of which is sacred (Mt. Shiveers Hot Spring)

Big Water: Crystal Sands (Local Beach)

WaterFalls: In Crystal Sands there are three. In Coral Canyons there is a giant, long one.

Higher Ranks Den: Outback Imports (Outback Mini shop)

Warriors Den: Epic Wonders (Expensive Shopping Mall)

Dirt Tree: It is in Coral Canyons Located on the Left to the bridge heading to Canyons Pathway. (Cacti)

Medical Training & Brewing Den: Located in Appondale it is just the land around that area. (Outback Land)

Gathering & Mira Chat Circle: Beside the Cutthroat, around the Mira statue. (Statue)

Mud Pond: Were the skunks wash off or anyone else who was squirted. Located in Appondale. (The Mud Pond)

The Tumbling Canyons: Were apprentice's can hang out, chat and play. Located in Conayons Pathway. (Path connecting The Canyon with the Beach)

Caves: Indoor areas that look naturally abound to the wild and bush. Like Outback Import for example or Claws N' Paws.

The Forest: Were we do whatever. (Sarepia Forest) Were we rest, practice, and hang around.

Leader/Alpha's Den: Located in the Basement Of Secrets. The Nova and Whisk's are allowed to visit/stay/live their with the Leader.

Cutthroat: Located In Jamaa Township in the right of the Mira Statue. (Colossal Tree)

More Coming Soon...

  • XXMore to be addedXX
Xx Still Editing xX

Ageing System Edit

Kit/Pup/Cub: 0-10 moons

Apprentice: 10-15 moons

Warrior/Queen: 15-120 moons

Medical Student: 10-15 moons

Medical Supervisor: 15-120 moons

Leader/Alpha/Beta/Anid/Pelecu/Crosequa/Arilxrr/Feliwo/Katnizip: 18-120 moons

Elder: 120+

However you can stay on your rank as long as you like, but no ones immortal. (Newborn have to stay newborn for 10 real days - however I really won't mind if you stay newborn for like months X3 wut their cute...)

Tips Edit

  • Move quietly and communicate using tail-signals. Cracking twigs, startling birds, and rustling bracken will tell the enemy exactly where you are.
  • Keep downwind of the trespassers so that your scent doesn’t give you away.
  • Look for freshly broken twigs, overturned leaves on the forest floor, remains of prey, or a clump of fur caught on a bramble. Any animal that moves through the forest leaves behind signs that it’s passed-and signs like this could lead you straight to the invaders.
  • Keep your mouth open to search for unfamiliar scents. Be careful: If there is scent when there is no breeze to carry it through the forest, it could mean that your enemy is very close by.
  • Light-colored pelts are easily seen against brown and green foliage, so stay in the thickest cover. Keep low-the enemy will be looking for movement at normal head height, not close to the ground.
  • Never miss an opportunity to perfect your tracking ability. In the nursery, kits sneak up on their mothers and pounce with their moss-soft paws. Apprentices leap out on one another from behind bushes and tree stumps. These are more than just games. One day, these skills could save your life and defend your Clan

Ranks Edit

(Cannot Edit, Comment below to get the Leader to place your rank in... All ranks must have a decorative signature/picture to post at the end of their comments when needed. Inform the Leader if you would like Her to get you one, then it will be placed here from highest rank to lowest.)

Leader/Alpha: (1/1) -Spot Taken- The leader carries the weight of the entire clan. She is to be respected at all costs. Her mate is titled the, "Nova" and kits, "Wists" other relatives aligned to her are, "Royans". They are all to be given the up most respect and usually hold command.

Royan: Pronunciation: (R-oi-n) Wists: Pronunciation: (We-isk) Cutis: Pronunciation: (Cue-tuss)

Arilxrr/Beta: (0/2) - Spot Open- Pronunciation: (Arr-eel-ix) (Hyeanidae) The Arilxrr is the Hyena/Aardwolf/Stripped Hyena/Spotted Hyena/Brown Hyena/African Civet Beta.

Crosequa/Delta: (1/2) -1 Spot Open- Pronunciation: (Cross-ik-que) (Canidae) The Crosequa is the Dingo/Jackal/Coyote/Wolf/Dog/Cape Hunting Dog/Tasmanian Tiger/Fox/Manned Wolf Beta.

Pelecu/Gamma: (0/2) -Spot Open- Pronunciation: (Pell-ee-cew) (Large/Colossal Felidae) Pelecu are the Panther/Lion/Cheetah/Cougar/Puma/Tiger/Leopard/Jaguar/Cat/Mountain Lion Beta.

Katnizip/Terra: (0/2) -Spot Open- Pronunciation: (Cat-knee-zip) (Small enough to hold Felidae) The Katnizip are the Caracal/Serval/Savannah Cat/Jungle Cat/Wild Cat/Domesticated Cat breed/Ocelot/Lynx/Bobcat Beta.

Anid/Balto: (0/2) -Spot Open- Pronunciation: (An-id) (Ursidae) Anid are the Bear/Polar Bear/Panda Beta.

Feliwo/Hosti: (0/2) -Spot Open- Pronunciation: (Fell-oh-we) (Carnivore Rodentia) Feliwo is the Skunk/Raccoon/Mink/Ferret/Marten/Weasel/Badger/Mongoose/Wolverine/Coati/African Civet Beta.

Medical/Medicine Supervisor: (0/1) -Spot Open- They are the lead Medicine Animal.

Medicine/Medical Warrior: (0/4) -4 Spots Open- They have knowledge of various planting herbs. They are the ones who care for the ill.

Medicine/Medical Student: (1/8) -7 Spots Open-

Medicine Students are in training to become a full fledged Medical Warrior. They are to be assigned to a Medicine Warrior and be taught their ways to heal.

Soldiers: (0/10) -10 Spots Open- Soldiers are the guards, the ones in charge of all warriors. They are the so called Commanders, Generals and Captains of our army of Warriors. They do not usually fight, but instead generally tend to lead and direct the Warriors. They are to report all information that has to do with a battle, army or any warriors to the Leader.

Warriors: (∞) -Currently have 0- Warriors are the war bound animals who fight and hunt for the Clan. Warriors must work hard as apprentices to earn their warrior name. They make up the bulk of the Clan.

Apprentices: (∞) -Currently have 0- These are the young who are in training to become our next generation of warriors. They are appointed a mentor and spend their time being educated and taught the ways of the Clans.

Queens: (∞) -Currently have 0- They are the caretakers of the young. Some are expecting young of their own. They together make up the mothers of our new generations for the clan. They mostly stay close to their young, however still fight when they feel needed.

Kits/Pups/Cubs: (∞) -Currently have 1- These are our future and are to be protected at all costs. Until they have reached apprentice level age, they are to stay in the nursery. Absolutely no Cubs, Kits or Pups outside of camp.

Elders: (∞) -Currently have 0- The "old" of the Clan. Elders are retired warriors who live the rest of their lives in peace.

Members of Freeclan!Edit

(Can add your OC)

Please place the link of your OC Page bellow as well as a brief description of their appearance: Edit

(Animal Jam Clans Wikia Username: Ashsplash) ==Ashstar's OC Page==:

Description: ~~~~A dark ash grey colored pelt, with a silver tinge to the she cats fur. Her upper and main flank is a snowy white, it is extremely fluffy. A thick white line of fur runs from the back of her neck, down her spine and ends at her tailbone. Her face is a thick brown, with her inner ears being black. Her front left paw is limb and nerveless, it is tipped white. Her back right hind leg has a rusty/orange tinted fur color - while her other two legs have normal brown fur. Black fluffy underbelly that covers her lower chin, and ends at her thighs. Her long and unusual bushy tail is dabbed at the very tip with golden colored fur while the rest of the tail is snow white. Along her entire flank is lighter moldy colored stripes. Her eyes are a very unusual blood red-tinted color with cross shaped pupils. She has a dark pink nose, white whiskers that appear gold sometimes in the dark. The she cat has very long and large black claws, as well as sharp rows of blood stained fangs. Her right eye is missing. The she cats right ear is torn clean off, while her left ear adorns a golden loop piercing. A gory burn scythes the right side of her face. Her tail tip is dyed gold.~~~~
Personality: Chatter-Box, Psychotic, Crazy, Insane, Corrupted, Absentminded, Self centered, Laugh-A-Lot, Slick, Smooth, Warm, Deceitful, Loyal, Power-hungry, Random, Blonde, Eccentric, Subtle, Zanny, Swift, Fast, Agile, Submissive, Fawning, Colorful, Airy, Aloof, Odd, Strong, Hard to anger deceive hurt sadden, mostly emotionless, Hyper, Energetic, Sadistic, Idealist, Knowledgeable, Cunning, Character reader, Unnoticeably Skeptical, Crafty, Creative, Quick thinker, Humorous, Luscious, Intellectual, Self-harming, Self neglect, Finds delight in others physical and emotional pain, Bloodthirsty, Cannibalistic, Cold, Forgetful, Lazy.

(AJCW Animal Jam Clans Wikia Username: Chillystar) ==Leafwind's OC Page== Coming Soon!

Description: ~~~~He is a snow white wolf with unusual an unusual orange eye, his right eye missing from a fight, his belly is a creamy color, and he has blue spots that look like leaves from a twoleg who brought him from his territory, and poured a bucket of blue paint onto him, when he washed it off, blue spots remained. He wears a collar of teeth, the collar is a bright orange, matching his eye. His right leg is crippled.~~~~
Personality: Bloody, Insane, Eerie, Strange.

(AJCW Animal Jam Clans Wikia Username: SaltmoonJZ123) ==Shreddedleaf's OC Page== ?

Description: ~~~~Shreddedleaf is a huge she-cat with unusually long claws in her front right paw. She had odd eyes (a blind white eye with a huge scar across it from a badger attack) and a clear blue left eye. She doesn't really express her feelings much unless the animal/being/creature is very trusted by her. She had several scars across her flank. ( Some of) The most recognizable/visible ones are the several cuts she has on her throat, the ones on her back left leg that has several blood-red scars (where claws have not scratch, but have sank, like fangs), the fact that she has her left ear torn off and the tip of her muzzle horribly scarred.~~~~
Personality: Calm, self-controlled, Usually keeps to self, Grouch, Blind, Not Boastful, Natural Skill with Herbs.
OC'S Name Age (In moons) Gender Rank? Mate/Crush Mentor? Family Members & Relatives Apprentice Username (Animaljam) Kits/Pups/Cubs? Species and Breed.
Ashstar (Ashsplash)

You may also call me by these names:

Cepha, Cashy, Ash, Ashsplash.

23 Female She-cat Alpha/Leader None Meltlapse Cheshire (Mother)

Karma (Father)

Pase (Older Brother)

Honeywolf (Half Younger Sister)

Echosky (Cousin)

None FlossySoup1234 No. Unfortunately not... Felidae Chupacabra.

My Breed of Feline is 76% Ragdoll and 24% Serval.

She is 9% Chupacabra.

Shreddedleaf ? Female She-cat Medical/Medicine Student/Apprentice ? None None None pphtreq23456tyu No Cat, LaPerm
Leafwind 27 Brute Delta - Crosequa none None ? None xxchillystarxx None Canis Lupus/Lupus Canis (Wolf)

Application of Joining Edit

(Cannot Edit)

Freeclan is currently accepting new members. Please fill out this application in the comments below.

Animal Jam Username:

Character Name (While rogue/loner names are allowed, clan names are highly suggested, but please no tribe names):

Character Gender (Because were animals, I don't want to hear any, "LGBT" also please be the gender you are in reality, if you really are Transgender, Les bleh bleh then I guess I could make an exception, however make sure people know so they don't get "tricked")

Orientation (Light/dark aka The Dark Forest or Starclan):

Do you share your account?:

Do you have kits/cubs/pups/mate/family) that are with you and wish to also join?:

Desired Rank:


Character Description (Please if you can, place a picture that best resembles the appearance of your OC):

Character Personality:

Description (I much prefer unique appearances. These are exceptional; Dyed fur, piercings, collars, jewelry, tattoos, scars, burns, crippled limbs, blind, deaf, senseless in the nose, brain damage, painted claws, pink/purple/orange bleh bleh eye color. However please have a valid reason for it... example - My abusive owner twoleg tattooed my ear. Or having dyed fur in certain places, aka I fell in a paint bucket from a roof when a kit):

Past Clans/Packs/Tribes (You, not your character, and preferably all clans that you remember ever attending or joining in the past):

Other Character Details:

How you found us? (Friend, wikia, etc.):

Why you want to join:

Roleplay Example (Don't be pressured if you feel embarrassed, just do as best you can. Please N-O anatomy and Latin junk...):

Freechat/Membership? (Yes or no. If no, do you plan on getting either?):

Are you an active player on AJ/AJCW (animal jam clans wikia)?

Have you read Warriors?:

Guys: Donald Trump or Justin Bieber? (Which do you prefer? PS. Their both annoying. idiotic, weirdos) Please only Male's answer this.

Gals: Miley Cyrus or Ann Coulter? (Which do you prefer? PS. Their both stuck-up, loud mouthed, psycho's) Please only Female's answer this.

Note: You will have to be over 12 years of age in reality to join, for I do not want immature and way-to-young members... Also, do not take this the wrong way please, I am not attempting in any way to be hurtful, it is considered "underage" if I may say - so please do not attempt to join unless your at least turning 13 soon.

Dress CodeEdit

(Cannot Edit)


Unrealistic colors can only be used for certain animals... Head: Skull helmet, Silly Winter hat, Cat ears, Icicle fangs, Eyepatch, Bandage (Band-aid).

Neck: Short Spiked Collar, Long Spiked Collar, Diamond Spiked Collar, Spirit Amulet, Scarf, Tattered Scarf, Flower Amulet, Jingle Bell Necklace, Leaf necklace, Striped Scarf, Spotted Scarf, Love heart Scarf, Jamaaliday Scarf, Moon Necklace, Clover Amulet, Diamond Encrusted Amulet.

Feet: Diamond Anklet, Elf Bracelets, Leg Armor, Cast, Turquoise Bracelet, Legendary Glove.

Back: Knitted Sweater, Sword, Bow and arrows, Winter Jacket, Candy Sword, Candy Bow and Arrows, Stone Sword, Non Member Sword, Flower Armor, Diamond Encrusted Armor.

Tail: Elf Tail Armor, Feather Tail Armor, Flower Tail Armor, Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor.


Head: Any above that is nm.

Neck: Any above that is nm.

Back: Any above that is nm.

Feet: Any above that is nm.

Tail: Any above that is nm.

Notes Edit

This Notes section is a place we write things that could not be mentioned anywhere else due to not relating with the titles meaning.

I am now making this Clan dedicated to my Kitten - Lupus... Who died on the 28/04/2016 in my arms. Lupus I love you and i'm sorry I couldn't save you...

I love you so much my little boy. <3 Please be aware that your Leader/Alpha (Ashstar) Is not immortal, but because she did create this Clan for a safe heaven and unity group - she won't be killed in Battles with Role-play... Because that would just be quiet random and totally unnecessary considering she puts a lot of effort into the Clan, her OC, Artwork relating to this, and of course Role-plays.

Other members may if they choose so - choose when to die and when not to. This does not count as Power playing, mostly because we can still die, just not when others tell us to or when something unwanted happens. You see, we follow our own story - think of it as a book. Not all the characters just die - the author sets everything up according to their opinion and liking. Therefore that is what Ashstar is doing. Freeclan focuses a lot on writing Role-play, not just Live game Role-play.

You can stay your Age as long as you like! Don't be a kit for an hour and then move onto being an apprentice... that's just unrealistic. Also if a kit or pup or cub goes missing, the mother doesn't lay there caring for her other young, and tell someone to retrieve the missing young - she searches endlessly... literally that's what every mother animal does in reality, and in fact its very dangerous considering she neglects the rest of her young until her missing one is found.

Also, were animals not magical pro fighting beasts with weapons... its called a cat fight - ever seen one? Not a giant battle with two sides waging war human like... I don't know about you, but I've never seen that happen T,T Cats fight, but not the way most role players make them... were getting confused here - in this place - were no longer human, were ANIMALS - get the picture? We aren't scared of the dark... CATS are NOT scared of the dark people.... CATS are not afraid of heights... Gosh. Yes, they are jumpy - so MAKE them jumpy... don't be all like, 'Yeah, my OC isn't shy or whatever, and hes brave. No one has ever managed to scare him." T,T The heck is that? Cats are JUMPY. PLZ just make it sound realistic.

OK and a couple of other things...

When claiming some form of meaty/bloody food - you go whats called into a frenzy, its not you walk back to camp with it and place it on the ground for others. Ohmygosh just try and take a dead rat from your pet cats mouth, last I did that I almost lost an arm. Ok, so you still follow the rules, just be REALISTIC please for goodness sakes... were not Einstein here, WE ARE ANIMALS! ):C

I would like to mention that we allow Drama, however keep it to a level of sanity please.

Art Gallery Edit

Anyone can add their OC that is in Freeclan. I WILL-NOT stand for any copy's that are claimed as your own of others art, also please at least have the picture/photo closely descripting your characters looks.

Announcements & Recent News! Edit

:: Our Dates are DD/MM/YY, News and Announcements whether one has chosen to see them or not - Will be Cleared out Clean Every Month ::

18-04-2016 - Freeclan has been made!

19-04-2016 - Ashstar our Clan's Leader/Alpha has made Freeclan a Clan Sign!

24-04-2016 - Ashstar our Clan's Leader/Alpha has upgraded Freeclan's Clan Sign!

25-04-2016 - Happy ANZAC Day to all those Aussie's and New Zealander's (& Tassie's even though their AUS) out there! Lets spend this week in a state of thankfulness to the brave solders who risked their lives for our country! Less We Forget... (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps AKA ANZAC)

27-04-2016 - Freeclan now has a Role-play Page! Be sure to head on over there to join the fun if your a Member of Freeclan! Freeclan's Role-play Page (Auira):

27-04-2016 - We now have an Introduction area for our Clan...

28-04-2016 - Welcome Leafwind to Freeclan! He is now our new Delta/Crosequa... (The Clan's Canine Deputy)

28/04/2016 - My Kitten, Lupus has passed away - his female litter mate played with him too roughly and ended up puncturing his wind pipe. This is in real life - and I am physically morning him whenever thinking of the times he bit my toe, and chased me around on the grass. Rest in Peace Lupus... Please-Rest-In-Peace... Forgive me for not being able to save you... I love you so much - I really do.

30/04/2016 - Welcome Scrap to Freeclan! She is our first Kit to join.

1-05-2016 - Ashstar has made an Art Request page, and is now taking Art Request! Be sure to head on over there if you would like your OC to be drawn by her!

1-05-2016 - It is now May!

2-05-2016 - We now have a Mapping Area for Freeclan's Territories and Lands!

2-05-2016 - We now have a full Guide Section for all Medical Students/Warriors in Freeclan to Study about their herbs/fruits/veggies!

2-05-2016 - Freeclan has added some Information regarding the original and traditional ways of The Clans, Books, Cats, Code and Warriors! This is so people out there less informed may get a better understanding of what, "Warriors" really is... (Be warned it may contain spoilers from the series)

2-05-2016 - We welcome Shreddedleaf to Freeclan! She is a Medical Student in training to become a Medical Warrior.

4-05-2016 - Freeclan has upgraded our original front Quote with a completely new and improved one! Hope you all enjoy...

4-05-2016 - We have officially declared that Freeclan will never disband nor fall apart for its Leader's deceased Kitten, Lupus. Help us keep this promise alive and pulsing brightly by Joining Freeclan today! Or you could allie with our Clan by just doing so in the comments bellow! Its easy, fast and fun... :)

5-05-2016 - The Medical Guide Information has been removed from the Clan's page and placed on Freeclan's new Guide For Our Clan's Medical Member's Page! Make sure you visit it if your a Medical Warrior or Student...(Click on Did you mean Guide for Freeclan's Medical Members!?)!

7-05-2016 - Scrap, Freeclan's first and currently only Kit has Dropped out of our Clan! We wish her well, and since her belief revolves around StarClan last I checked - May StarClan Light and guide your Path, Scrap. - A Sad Yet Understanding Ashstar.

7-07-2016 - We are down to 3 members! Alas, Freeclan will not nor ever give in to this small yet giant struggle we currently face! We will stay strong and patient, we will continue to recruit and wait - for we are a Family that will never Give up even if were standing on the very brink of destruction! Please, my fellow and hopefully still active members, I hope you two will stay by my side until the end. :)

15-05-2016 - Ashstar has made the decision of Allowing Dire wolves and such to now join Freeclan! Also, since there are a lot of creatures to choose from when first joining FC - Members of Freeclan can now create and control/RP with around 5 different OC's of their making! The extra characters can only be Members of Freeclan, no other Clan - for that would still be considered Double Claning... You will need to have an OC page for each Character you make.

Weekly Polls! Edit

(This Poll's final Decision will be decided between the upper ranks then declared openly within a week or so!)
What is your thoughts about Freeclan possessing a religion of their own? Should we have one? If so then what...

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Personal Finishing Note - I Thank you, Reader very much for getting this far and for taking your time to Look at our page! Freeclan wish's you well...