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Mira Laime
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The Pack of Howling Heavens (Shifter Pack) Roleplay c:

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Alpha Male- (1/1)

Kain|Male|XxRainbowCupcakexX (Luca)

Luna- (1/1)

Kiarrin|Male|XxFoxyFoxesxX (Niko)

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"Hey beautiful." He grinned, huskily replying, then he added, "Should we keep the forest clearing as training grounds and temporary camp then move to the warehouse for the permanent camp, leaving the clearing as a secondary in case the warehouse camp ends up disappearing? I can get couches, and furnish rooms and maybe, we alone together once our pack grows?" He grinned, his eyebrows raising suggestively as he whispered the last sentence.

He smiled, glancing at him. "Yeah, sounds good." Then he replied to the last thing. "Mmm, you know my responce." He winked and grinned, nodding.

XxFoxyFoxesxX wrote: He smiled, glancing at him. "Yeah, sounds good." Then he replied to the last thing. "Mmm, you know my responce." He winked and grinned, nodding.

Luca's grin kept on his face, he winked and purred at Niko's response and wrapped his arms around Niko's waist, kissing his forehead before pulling back and running into the forest, shifting to his wolf form and disappearing into the tree line.

He smiled and looked off, watching him go. He looked around, shifting into wolf form and racing in the other direction.

Kain grinned as he approached the abandoned warehouse, he shifted immediately, inhaling the scents as he crossed the threshold of the house. He tried to detect rival pack's scents but found done. He grinned again, and left his scent along the doorway, and walked inside, inspecting the warehouse. He found old paintings and furniture underneath stained, dust-caked worn blankets and began arranging the furniture into a large meeting area and checked out the warehouse. He shifted the other furniture around and found several storage rooms linked to it that were empty so he made makeshift rooms, reminding himself to make a form of lighting and individual rooms in the future.

He came back to Kain, carrying a few things in his truck: A few couches, some plants/herbs, some prey, a fridge, tables, chairs, moss and human food.

Lucas grinned as he saw Niko arrive with his truck. He helped unload the items and arrange them into the warehouse with a grin. He then hugged Niko and sat down on a sofa in the middle of the large room.

He grinned at the hug and took out some tables and sofas. He took out the biggest sofa. "This ones for us," He replied. It was divided into two, put together as one.

He glanced at his mate, waiting for his reaction. Then he said, "What'ya wanna do?"

"I don't know, feels empty, we should go recruit." He yawned sprawled out on the floor. After shifting into his large wolf form and rolled around on the floor.

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